Issues when including IconSet in a templated list

Mar 30, 2009 at 1:14 AM

When including an IconSet field in a templated list the field stored in the IconSet formula field is not correctly stored.

I ran across this purely by accident when I had a chance to reuse a fairly complicated list structure.

My usual procedure when creating lists is to initially use strongly named field names that Sharepoint can handle e.g. no spaces or other characters unusable in custom code.  i then change the field names to make them userfriendly. Nothing ground breaking here!

When I created a new list from the template the IconSet images would only display a red X.  In testing I was able to recreate the fields (a couple of radio buttons, a calculated field and an IconSet field) to correctly display the appropriate IconSet image.  I could'nt replicate the problem manually.  The problem was only coming through when I recreated the list from a template.

On a whim I changed the formula in the IconSet field to reference the original SharePoint friendly field name.  In this case [G1Score] instead of [Gate 1 Score].  This fixed the problem immediately.

I'm not sure if this is an IconSet issues or a SharePoint issue as I've not seen it before.  The interesting thing is that I've used IconSet in templated lists before with no problems although always within the same web.  This new site is in a completely different location although within the same site collection.