Project Description
The IconSet custom field is a combination between a Calculated field and the “Conditional Formatting” found on Microsoft Excel 2007 application. The user can define a mathematical formula and the rendering template for calculated value. It is a handy feature for all users that are using SharePoint on daily basis to use this custom field as a simple way of identifying visually critical items within their lists.

  • Formula parser, based on the library of Eugene Ciloci project found on
  • Available Templates:
    • 3-Traffic Lights (Unrimmed);
    • 3-Traffic Lights (Rimmed);
    • 3-Flags;
    • 3-Arrows (Colored);
    • 3-Arrows (Gray)
  • Reverse Icon Order
  • Show Icon Only (available on Beta Release Only)
  • Show Snapshot Value: used only when the formula is time dependant (available on Beta Release Only, the new realease is a Snapshot calculated value)

Features available soon
  • More templates available thru a customizable XML file
  • The option to have Hints within the template, this will give to the user a better understanding why a certain icon gets displayed
  • The option to set the entire background color of the view row; Customizable
  • Customizable option to Show/Hide the field within the display forms

Help, FAQ, How To...

Please check my personal blog ( or drop me an email.

AJAX Support: Now IconSet can be tweaked to support AJAX, thanks to the contribution provided by Jørn Bratland.
Original post can be found here: and the better solution here:

IconSet ASP.NET Caching

Known Bugs and Limitations

  1. First time when the custom field is added to a list the custom properties are not saved. - fixed in IconSet Snapshot Release
  2. Running the field within a list under a sub-site of the main site, the field doesn’t render properly. - fixed in IconSet Snapshot Release
  3. The field doesn’t work in views with Group By clause. - fixed in IconSet Snapshot Release
  4. Only one field per view can be used. More fields generates unexpected behavior - fixed in IconSet Snapshot Release

  1. When the field formula is changed, or any other properties, the existing values of the field are not updated. Missing event receiver that should handle this occurrences on list level. - fixed in IconSet Snapshot Release
  2. There is no user friendly way to define and test the formulas and also to display all supported Excel functions of the Eugene Ciloci library.
  3. It is not possible to sort the field values fixed, available in future release.
  4. The field doesn't store the calculated values fixed, available in future release.

Usage within a view

IconSet settings page

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